Conceria Tirrena S.p.A. confirms its attention to environmental sustainability by obtaining in 2019 the certification of compliance with the ccertification of compliance with the LWG protocol, conceived and promoted by the Leather Working Group and aimed at identifying international best practices in the tanning world.

LWG Environmental protocol: consists of an auditing process with particular reference to ethics, respect for the environment and safety in the field of leather processing.

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The company, at its headquarters in Civitanova Marche, is powered for almost all of its energy needs by a photovoltaic system with a power of 379 kW, installed on the roof of its warehouses.


The offices can count on a cooling and heating system that exploits the principles of thermodynamics called “cold beams”, a plant with low environmental impact and high level of comfort for employees


“Energy-saver” electrical system: the electrical system, renewed in 2020, is configured with movement sensors and low-consumption lighting bodies that allow energy savings for up to 60% compared to traditional consumption.


The company is equipped with cutting-edge machinery for the automatic packaging of leathers and pallets. The result is lower use of plastic in packaging and greater protection of the physical integrity of the warehouse workers.


Research and development of “green” products

The company selects its subcontractors and raw material suppliers with careful auditing aimed not only at the quality of the materials but also at compliance with the environmental and safety standards of the manufacturing processes.

As evidence of a continuous search for new frontiers of sustainability, the company offers its customers a wide range of ecological chrome-free, metal-free and vegetable tanned leathers.

Every single skin is traced upstream of the production chain through an integrated information system installed by the premises of our subcontractors and suppliers.

The company periodically provides training courses to its employees regarding safety at work but also the development of new materials and processing techniques in the tanning sector.


Conceria Tirrena for social activities

Principles and values: The Giordani family has always paid attention to social issues with commitment and support both to local communities and international non-profit organizations with periodic donations to associations such as Amref, Save the Children, Telethon, Croce Verde, Fism, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Airc, Lega del Filo d’Oro and Unicef.

2016 Marche Earthquake: Funds allocated for the purchase of food and heating systems for those affected by the tragic 2016 earthquake.

Torre S. Patrizio Church: Contribution to the renovation of the Chiesa delle Rose Church in Torre S. Patrizio.

Adopted children: collaboration since 1997 with the Don Bosco Salesians for the remote adoption of children in Ethiopia and in third world countries.