Conceria Tirrena S.p.A offers a premium range of leather linings made of cow, pig, goat and sheep, for footwear, leather goods and garments. Find out all our articles and colors.



Thanks to its physical characteristics, pig leather is suitable for producing any kind of footwear. Its reasonable price makes this product the best in terms of value for money.

Its softness varies (grain, suede, resin, pigskin leather uppers), depending upon its use.



The cowhides are more valuable. We can use them for many purposes, especially for high quality shoes. Cow is available in several articles and kinds of softness, both wet-toggled and vacuum dried.

Sheep and goat

Available in various sizes and from different origins, goat and sheepskins are among the most used for women’s leather footwear. Goat and kidskin leathers are precious and very resistant, despite their thickness.

upper’s division

The extreme care and great attention for detail are what makes CONCERIA TIRRENA’s leathers unique and original, therefore ideal for making uppers.

You can find cow crust leathers and fancy embossed / printed leathers.