Our long-term goal is to strengthen our established leadership in the domestic market (both dimensional and financial) of the footwear leather lining business and at the same time, consolidate our well-achieved position over the last 50 years in the larger European area.

As to our overseas markets, recently acquired, we intend to further develop our presence and and gain more and more market share.
We always look with great interest and dynamism to new manufacturing areas where footwear manufacturers focus on, and to every industrial area where most of the worldwide production is concentrated.



The current President Romano Giordani founded CONCERIA TIRRENA in 1953, and today, after over 60 years of activity and a handover to the second and third generation of the Giordani Family, it is one of the industry leaders in Europe in selling linings and hides for footwear.

The spirit of initiative that even today inspires the entrepreneurship in the company moved its first steps after World War II and right before the economic boom in Torre San Patrizio (in the province of Fermo, Marche region). The company started with the trading of linings and sheepskin, purchased at that time in the few tannery districts of the area: the districts of Milan, Verona/Vicenza and Campania/Avellino.

In the early 60s the factory moved to Montegranaro (always in the Fermo province), in the heart of the footwear district of Fermo (where it will stay until the early 90s).


It is in the wake of the overwhelming footwear sector boom that the company’s real growth starts (both dimensional and economical), and the company starts operating its first factory for the conversion of semi-finished products and inserts in its range a series of products from pig, that would soon become the flagship products of the entire market supply.

In the following decade (70s), Conceria Tirrena further expands the product range as well as the volume of business. Now is covers also goat, sheep and cow linings. The legal entity of Conceria Tirrena Spa dates back to those years (1973) and is still representing the company’s business. The second half of the 80s mark the entry into the company of Mario and subsequently of Donatella (second generation of the Giordani family) who, still today, work passionately and with an ever increasing enthusiasm to expand its business and render solid what has been built over the decades.


In 1992, the company moved to Civitanova Marche (MC), current headquarters, right in the heart of the increasing productive and economical power of the Macerata area of those years. Almost simultaneously with the creation of the new operational structure, all products’ direct conversions are shut down and CONCERIA TIRRENA ultimately becomes a pure trader working worldwide, availability of goods and service become the most important factors – sometimes even more important than the product itself, in order to establish a profitable and lasting market presence.

It is during this period of time that the industry must deal with the most stringent, impactful and binding environmental issues for the safeguard of the final consumer, (the tanning industry is an extremely high critical area, in this sense). Furthermore, at the same time the sales department has to face the delocalization of manufacturing companies of the footwear industry, moving towards developing countries, particularly to Eastern Europe and to Asia.


CONCERIA TIRRENA structures the company on both sides, a department dedicated to the solution of technical/chemical issues related to the product itself, and another one dedicated to specific customs requirements for introduction of goods in the European Community and for export.

Starting from 2012 – 2013, thanks to the consolidated structural growth and the simultaneous strengthening of its patrimony, the company gradually introduces some variations to its business proposals, adding to the traditional and rooted linings an innovative and captivating Business Project. This project is connected, but also completely different: “upper leather”, always operating in the logic of service and proximity to customers, which has been successfully tested in all previous years.


Starting from June 2016 CONCERIA TIRRENA operates a domiciled procedure of Customs clearance both in import and in export (thus offering a substantial time reduction for customs formalities for its customers) and is now about to receive its AEO certification (Authorized Economic Operator) for which the authorization audit was completed in spring 2016 for the first part.

With stable revenues around EUR 40 million (over 35% export), CONCERIA TIRRENA S.p.A. is today the most important purely trading company in the European market of leather linings, thanks to its remarkable ability to evolve and its restless attentiveness to the ever changing needs of customers.

The development and the achievement of goals of increasing satisfaction, are secured by key success factors that CONCERIA TIRRENA and its working group always keep in mind when it comes to developing new ideas and making decisions:


– Constant increase of the number of products offered (both in terms of items and colors) and product innovation; Obsessive and pervasive attention for quality control of goods, starting from the origin until their final sale, thanks to the company’s various technical departments located in the most crucial productive areas worldwide; Widespread sales presence in the domestic and European market and increased sales presence in the emerging markets, thanks to the regular participation in major trade shows in Italy and throughout the world; Continuous adaptation of the corporate organization to new development targets; Constant and continuous strengthening of its assets, thanks to which the company has gained its financial and decisional independence, essential features in an often volatile and fluid market. Continuous investment in the optimization of processes and rationalization of procedures, thanks to automated systems of control and management, both in operational and accounting practices.